Farmers Markets; Around The Country, Around The World

February 29, 2012

For this week’s Once A Week Post I decided to post links to information about Farmers Markets in some of the world’s biggest, most densely populated cities. Shopping from a Farmers Market that is close to you is an easy way to get local, organic produce.

Please note, the method I used to select the cities was in no way scientific. Some had large populations, some had dense populations and some were just in interesting areas. There were cities I wanted to include but didn’t because I couldn’t find information about any Farmers Markets there. These were mostly foreign cities so if you know of a Farmers Market in, say, Cairo or Shanghai let me know.

In my experience the growers themselves are often at the market and willing to answer questions not only  about their own growing practices but also about gardening techniques. So if you want to know why your cucumbers aren’t producing ask a grower.

At the Borough Hall green market in Brooklyn there is a wonderful grower. Stand with Borough Hall at your back and look to the first vendor on your right. He is probably 80 years old and has been growing for about 65 of them. He is a wealth of information.

Boston, US

Chicago, US

Delhi, India According to Fodor’s the Sarojini Nagar Market is a great place for produce and is open until 8 at night.

Houston, US

Istanbul, Turkey

Lagos, Nigeria  Scroll about half way down the page to read about the Oke Arin Market

London, England

Los Angeles, US

Manila, Philippines Supposedly many of the vendors here are “middle men” and not the actual growers. But if the produce is fresh and locally grown my thinking is it should be on the list.

Moscow, Russia

New York, US

Philadelphia, US

Tokyo, Japan

Washington, DC Area, US


3/1 addition: There is a great post on Dirt n Kids about the benefits of shopping at Farmers Markets.

5 Responses to “Farmers Markets; Around The Country, Around The World”

  1. Bill Says:

    What about Austin?


    • Nicole Brait Says:

      There are some great Farmers Markets here in Austin. You can go to this page at the Pick Texas web site for information about Austin markets.

      They also have info about markets in lots of other cities in Texas.


  2. Shannon Says:

    Great article! For the US anyway, I found my local grower by entering my zip code at Buying local produce improves several issues at once — food budget, body health, fuel costs. I personally can’t find a single negative thing about buying from a local organic grower. (Nicole, I blogged about it a couple of weeks ago.)


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